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Bachelors of Computer Application 

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a dynamic undergraduate program that offers students a comprehensive understanding of computer science and its applications in various domains. Over the years, BCA has emerged as a popular choice for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the ever-evolving field of information technology.

The BCA curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, including programming languages, database management systems, computer networks, software engineering, web development, and more. Through theoretical learning and practical exercises, students develop proficiency in essential programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Python, along with gaining expertise in software development methodologies and tools.

HOD Message


It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering of Matu Ram Institute of Engineering and Management (MRIEM). This department was established in the year 2008. The aim of the department is to provide high quality education along with training the students with all the new advancements in the computers field. The department places prominence on all the important aspects of computers such as Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networks, Compiler Design, Operating Systems, System Software, Database Management Systems, Computer Graphics and Visualization, Software Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, and many more.

As the Head of the Department, I feel privileged to be leading a talented group of dedicated staff, inspiring teachers, and renowned researchers. Our researchers make fundamental contributions to knowledge across theoretical and applied areas of computer science. Our Department maintains strong ties with industry, research organizations and the community at large.

The department nurtures the holistic development of a student and we love to share our passion with them on how to use computational tools. We also take initiative to improve the soft skills, analytical capabilities and verbal communication of the students so that they can face the global competition.


Mr. Sandeep Dagar

Career Prospects

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) offers a multitude of career prospects in the dynamic and ever-expanding field of information technology. Here are some potential career pathways for BCA graduates:

1. Software Developer/Programmer: BCA graduates can pursue roles as software developers or programmers, where they design, develop, and maintain software applications for various platforms and industries.

2. Web Developer/Designer: With skills in web development and design acquired during BCA, graduates can create and maintain websites, web applications, and e-commerce platforms for businesses and organizations.


3. Database Administrator: BCA graduates can specialize in database management, ensuring the integrity, security, and performance of databases used by companies to store and retrieve data.


4. System Analyst: As system analysts, BCA graduates analyze business requirements and design information systems that meet organizational needs. They bridge the gap between technical teams and business stakeholders to ensure effective solutions.

5. Network Administrator: BCA graduates can pursue careers in network administration, where they manage and maintain computer networks, ensuring connectivity, security, and optimal performance.


6. IT Consultant: BCA graduates can work as IT consultants, providing expert advice and solutions to businesses on technology-related issues, such as system upgrades, software implementations, and cybersecurity measures.

7. Digital Marketing Specialist: With a strong foundation in technology, BCA graduates can explore roles in digital marketing, leveraging their skills to manage online advertising campaigns, analyze digital data, and optimize marketing strategies.

8. Cybersecurity Analyst: In an increasingly digitized world, cybersecurity is paramount. BCA graduates can specialize in cybersecurity, protecting organizations from cyber threats, conducting risk assessments, and implementing security measures.

9. Mobile App Developer: BCA graduates can develop mobile applications for iOS, Android, or cross-platform environments, catering to the growing demand for mobile solutions across industries.


10. Entrepreneurship: BCA graduates with entrepreneurial ambitions can start their own technology ventures, developing innovative products, services, or solutions to address market needs.


Overall, the career prospects for BCA graduates are diverse and promising, offering opportunities for growth, innovation, and impact in the ever-evolving field of information technology.

Eligibility Criteria

Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) of Board of School Education Haryana. BHiwani with 45% marks in aggregate or an equivalent or reorganized by this University.



Three years Diploma Course Conducted by State Board of Technical Education or any other examination reorganized by the S.B.T.E as equivalent thereto.


Apart from computer center of institute, BCA department has its own computer facilities that are well equipped with 100 computer systems and supports multiple equipment like servers, printers, routers, switches and UPS, enabled with Wifi and LAN to cater the technology needs of students in the ever evolving global scenarios.


Primarily BCA department has following labs:

  • Programming Lab

  • AI / ML Lab

  • Network Lab

  • Neural Net lab


  • Programming Lab: The programming lab has computer systems installed with Compilers/IDEs to practice programming in languages like C/C++/Java/ADA etc on Windows/Linux. This lab enables students learn programming using data structures, algorithms, object oriented concepts. The systems are also installed with MS Office work package to help students learn create, edit and present their work.


  • ML/AI Lab: This lab setup enables students to learn emerging concepts of Machine Learning like Supervised / Unsupervised / Reinforcement learning using Python as primary language. The students can practice algorithms to prepare training models based on experience and usage of historical data. The lab also equips students to practice applications in field of Artificial Intelligence like computer vision, speech recognition and natural language processing.


  • Network Lab: The network lab provides students an opportunity to learn basics of networking and troubleshooting topics and tools like IP routing, ICMP, TCP, UDP, network addressing, IP fragmentation, Address Resolution Protocol etc.


  • Neural Net Lab: BCA department provides virtual environment in its lab to design and test artificial neural networks for use in various fields of advance technology. This lab helps students to learn about data mapping, data classification, training of neurons using data sets and activating the trained model to a running operation.


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