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Head of Department

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Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering discipline and plays a significant role in enhancing safety, economic vitality, enjoyment and overall quality of life throughout the world. Aprerequisite for development is growth and that is directly related to production or output of a country. If production is done via a sustainable path it can maintain the sustainability of development. The department is mainly aimed to provide the useful knowledge to the students in developing innovative thoughts for future India. We impart training to our students according to market needs by involving them in the projects beyond the university curriculum. The students are engaged in the tasks which are helpful to provide an exposure to latest technologies used in Mechanical Engineering industry. Utmost importance is given to impart good quality technical education along with moral values. A conducive atmosphere is created to enable the students to enjoy the maximum benefits out of the available state-of-the-art equipments and fabulous infrastructure.

Dr. Sandeep Deswal


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