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Head of Department

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering of Matu Ram Institute of Engineering and Management (MRIEM). This department was established in the year 2008. The aim of the department is to provide high quality education along with training the students with all the new advancements in the computers field. The department places prominence on all the important aspects of computers such as Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networks, Compiler Design, Operating Systems, System Software, Database Management Systems, Computer Graphics and Visualization, Software Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, and many more.

As the Head of the Department, I feel privileged to be leading a talented group of dedicated staff, inspiring teachers, and renowned researchers. Our researchers make fundamental contributions to knowledge across theoretical and applied areas of computer science. Our Department maintains strong ties with industry, research organizations and the community at large.

The department nurtures the holistic development of a student and we love to share our passion with them on how to use computational tools. We also take initiative to improve the soft skills, analytical capabilities and verbal communication of the students so that they can face the global competition.


Mr. Sandeep Dagar

Career Prospects 

Career prospects for Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) graduates are diverse and abundant, reflecting the pivotal role technology plays in virtually every industry. Here are some of the compelling career avenues for CSE professionals:

  1. Software Development: CSE graduates can pursue careers as software developers, creating applications, games, and systems for various platforms. They design, code, test, and maintain software products, ranging from mobile apps to enterprise solutions.

  2. Data Science and Analytics: With a strong foundation in programming and mathematics, CSE professionals can excel in data science roles. They analyze complex data sets, derive insights, and build predictive models to inform business decisions across industries like finance, healthcare, and marketing.

  3. Cybersecurity: In an increasingly digitized world, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. CSE graduates can specialize in securing networks, systems, and data from cyber threats, working as security analysts, ethical hackers, or cybersecurity engineers.

  4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: CSE offers a solid foundation for careers in AI and machine learning. Professionals in this field develop algorithms, neural networks, and AI applications that automate tasks, enhance productivity, and drive innovation in sectors like autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and finance.

  5. Cloud Computing and DevOps: With the rise of cloud technology, CSE graduates can pursue careers in cloud computing and DevOps. They manage cloud infrastructure, deploy applications, and streamline development processes to ensure scalability, reliability, and efficiency in cloud environments.

  6. Web Development and Design: CSE professionals with expertise in web development and design create visually appealing and user-friendly websites and web applications. They utilize programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build responsive and interactive web experiences.

  7. Software Quality Assurance: Ensuring the reliability and performance of software products is critical. CSE graduates can work as quality assurance engineers, testing software applications, identifying bugs, and implementing quality standards to deliver exceptional user experiences.

  8. Entrepreneurship and Startups: Many CSE graduates choose to leverage their skills and expertise to launch startups or venture into entrepreneurship. They develop innovative products and services, disrupt industries, and contribute to economic growth and job creation.


These career prospects illustrate the versatility and potential for growth in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, making it an attractive and rewarding choice for aspiring professionals.


Apart from computer center of institute, CSE department has its own computer facilities that are well equipped with 100 computer systems and supports multiple equipment like servers, printers, routers, switches and UPS, enabled with Wifi and LAN to cater the technology needs of students in the ever evolving global scenarios.


Primarily CSE department has following labs:

  • Programming Lab

  • AI / ML Lab

  • Network Lab

  • Neural Net lab

Time - Table


2nd Year :

3rd Year:

4th Year:

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